Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions

Sopris Systems has extensive experience in the services industries with more than 20 years of experience working with project-based professional services organizations to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our certified consultants have developed a deep understanding of key business processes and challenges that face these organizations in an ever changing, dynamic marketplace.

Market trends such as corporate outsourcing, market globalization and increasingly sophisticated clients results in the need to constantly innovate, and deliver at the lowest cost, differentiated products and services clients demand, or risk being relegated to commodity status. At the same time, operational realities, including uneven workloads and cash flow, distributed workforces and greater liabilities for professional advice continue to challenge professional services organizations to focus on efficiencies and optimization of resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business solution for global enterprises that supports industry-specific and operational business processes, along with comprehensive, core enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality for financial, operational and human resources management. It empowers your people to anticipate and embrace change so your business can thrive.

Design simplicity. Microsoft Dynamics delivers a Role Tailored user experience that empowers people to work more efficiently and effectively, and collaborate better. Graphically enabled dashboards provide up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips, taking the guesswork out of decision making.

  • Accelerate user onboarding and adoption with familiar, intuitive user experience.
  • Connect project teams, clients and partners through collaboration and unified communications capabilities.
  • Integrate business processes and systems with pervasive interoperability.

Flexible architecture. Microsoft Dynamics delivers a flexible architecture and platform with a Service Tier that works with the Microsoft .net Framework, giving you many options for extending your solution. Achieve a new level of agility through a set of Unified Natural Models, that serve as a library of business processes to reflect real-world situations, and easily modify your organizations and processes to meet your changing business needs.

  • Adapt to changing process and market or client requirements with model-driven methods.
  • Respond precisely to client needs with integrated relationship management.
  • Facilitate timely decision-making with rich financial and operational insights.

Continual innovation. Microsoft invests in research and development of its Microsoft Dynamics product suite, focusing on innovation, collaboration, and improved productivity, so you can get up and running quickly and see a fast return on investment.

  • Streamline service processes with project-specific capabilities.
  • Mobilize global project teams quickly with prebuilt, country specific localizations for 36 countries in a single solution.
  • Give employees instance access to information with robust, built-in business intelligence and reporting tools.

The Sopris 365 ERP Advantage

Sopris Systems, a gold certified Microsoft partner, helps clients make the most of their Dynamics 365 ERP investment by providing implementation, training and support that allows clients to optimize their operations and deliver superior customer service.

Valuable Industry Perspective
Microsoft Dynamics prebuilt industry capabilities and enhanced core ERP functionality delivers a rich industry foundation on which our consultants build to maximize your 365 investment. Our extensive industry expertise comes from more than 20 years of experience working with project-based professional services organizations. Our certified consultants have developed a deep understanding of key business processes that drive success for these organizations.

A Proven Approach
Sopris Systems understands what it takes to successfully implement a new ERP system. It’s not just a new software system. New processes, new ways of doing business, new insights and new ways to collaborate are all competing for attention with your staff. Sopris Systems addresses the challenges of a new technology implementation with a combination of effective change management strategies, flexible processes, and agile technology.

Sopris Systems has expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and cloud services for Microsoft Dynamics. We also offer project management solutions, enterprise content management (ECM) software and mobile field service applications. We also fully support Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Office 365.