Field Services Software Solutions

Professional services firms that specialize in providing on-site services for companies, individuals and government clients are unique in that they often have to deal with elements of companies who are primarily product based such as inventory and materials management as well as the common operational issues faced by traditional professional services firms.

Microsoft AX transforms these challenges into opportunities by providing a single source field service solution that reflects a commitment to help organizations streamline service delivery and realize solid financial results. From anticipating changing workforce requirements and maintaining a talent pool to meet your organization needs to delivering tools to help inform and deepen client relationships and improve utilization of resources, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps services organizations address these challenges with a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to strengthen service operations and enable project-based business.

Sopris Systems builds on this foundation to provide field service software solutions for the unique business processes that are key for field services firms, such as:

Mobile Field Service Management

Streamline planning, tracking, data collection, and decision-making at the office and in the field. Real-time access to data and project documents in the field, auto scheduling capabilities and elimination of time consuming, paper based processes.

Managed Services

Management of equipment and system lifecycles including preventative maintenance, warranty management and first tier service , Workflow management, Asset management and 24/7 help desk services

Inventory Control and Material Management

Flexible, up-to-the-minute and accurate accounting and management of inventory – addressing both Inventory procurement and handling matters. Supply chain support functionality to create, schedule and track purchase/service orders, subscriptions or repair requests.