Business Intelligence (BI)

Sopris Systems delivers business intelligence solutions that address many of the challenges that professional services firms face in implementing solutions that enable firms to turn insights into better decisions and create more value for organizations.

There’s little question that a functioning business intelligence system can help your people understand performance, identify trends, and make strategic decisions to drive the organization forward. The reality, however, has often failed to live up to the potential for many reasons. Microsoft Dynamics AX has both native and extended applications that help firms tackle the challenges of business intelligence and reporting functions.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX helps organizations gain better business insights with pre-built BI solutions that are tailored to the needs of individual business users. Built using SQL Server Analysis services cubes, as organizations might have specific requirements related to BI Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the flexibility to extend and customize the pre-built solutions to meet specific business intelligence needs.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX includes role-specific home pages that are called Role Centers. Role Centers provide an overview of information that pertains to a user’s job function in the business or organization. This information includes transaction data, alerts, links, and common tasks that are associated with a user’s role in the company.
  • KPIs have been added to help organizations get improved business insights with pre-built solutions. Organization performance indicators can include the comparison to budget data with the ability to split the data to display the individual elements that the indicator or KPI is made of – for example revenue by client or project variances by business unit. In addition multiple filters can be applied to indicators and KPIs to display only information relevant to a specific time frame or other criteria for example a particular project manager.

While Microsoft Dynamics AX includes pre-defined BI solutions, organizations can also benefit from the interoperability with Microsoft BI technologies to easily create, visualize, explore and share business insights.

Queries are used primarily to access data without the need to format it in a specific way. In Microsoft Dynamics AX there are pre-defined queries that are easy to consume by an operational user – for example in cues (a stack of paper displayed in a Role Center), in list pages and used to create auto reports where data can be easily displayed in a report that can be e-mailed or printed. Users can also securely access data and create ad-hoc queries by using the Microsoft Excel add-in for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Reports allow users to consume data in a fixed-layout format . Microsoft Dynamics AX supports ad-hoc reporting by using SSRS report builder or by accessing SSAS data cubes from Excel. Statutory and financial reports can be created by using Management Reporter or data can be displayed graphically by using Microsoft Dynamics AX chart controls. SQL Server Reporting Services is the standard tool for production reports in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

These capabilities offer intuitive data exploration capabilities that help user get better business insights. Organizations can use KPIs and indicators in the Role Centers, PerformancePoint Services, Power View or Excel PowerPivot to analyze business data or mash up internal and external information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft BI technologies help organizations make better, smarter decisions.