The single biggest impact on the success of technology solutions is how the implementations are managed. Sopris Systems Professional Services team is certified on Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Implementation Methodology. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step offers all of the tools, templates, and best practices needed for each step of the implementation process.

Microsoft Sure Step Methodology has six phases: Diagnostic, Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, and Operation. The Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, and Operation phases represent the five phases of an implementation project, with the Operation phase also encompassing post-implementation activities that extend the project lifecycle beyond the implementation and into the Support stage.

The Sure Step Methodology accounts for the fact that not all implementations are the same. Five different base project maps provide the menu of activities to help guide the project through each phase. From rapid implementations with accelerated schedules and minimal customizations to a more collaborative and flexible approach with the agile implementation to complex global or multi-site implementations, Sopris Systems uses the Sure Step Methodology to provide a strong foundation for the implementation style that best suits your unique needs.

Having a predictable and reliable methodology to guide the implementation, results in strong user adoption of the new system, quick time to value—and, ultimately, a successful implementation.

In addition, Sopris Systems recognizes the organizational challenges of undertaking a new technology implementation. We go to great lengths to ensure your team is fully engaged at each step in the process. Each Sopris Systems customer implementation has a dedicated SharePoint Portal for collaboration and overall project management. The portal tracks all team activities, related documents, contact information, and schedules for real-time management and information sharing.