The need to stay on top of rapidly changing technology squeezes budgets and gives professional service firm leaders headaches. Cloud technology has opened up new possibilities that allow instant connections between the office and field.

It is now possible with the cloud to tap into back-office information and reporting functionality from any location in a very secure way—wherever one can access the Internet. Professional services firms are uniquely positioned to benefit from the cloud’s ability to provide greater freedom and ease of access to information anytime, anywhere—from remote offices, job sites or customer locations across the globe.

Potential Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Dramatic reduction in IT capital and staffing expenses
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Ease in keeping up with technology and software updates
  • Flexible licensing models with the ability to scale up or down as your business needs require
  • Greater collaboration among project teams
  • Streamlined remote processing

Microsoft provides the most comprehensive approach to cloud computing on earth—delivering software as a service (SaaS), and solutions across multiple environments using familiar tools and technology—so you can drive your business into the future.

Sopris Systems can help you evaluate how you can best leverage your current IT investments and cloud computing to create the right IT environment for your unique needs.