Specialty Contractor Software

Is your specialty contracting business thriving or surviving in the rapidly changing global market? Are your CRM, Project Management, Service Management, and Accounting Systems a series of disconnected point solutions that limit your ability to react to change? Whether you’re thriving or surviving, managing a business with disconnected business solutions statistically will lead to lower margins, employee attrition, and poor service levels, ultimately limiting your ability to adapt to change.

The success of your business depends on the people, process, technology and culture elements that comprise them — elements that can constrain your ability to effectively adapt to market changes. Sustained growth depends on flexibility, agility, and adaptation of these elements to meet business objectives.

Traditional specialty contractor software is inherently not designed for change. Great ideas die a slow death waiting for operations and administration to accommodate enabling process or transactional changes due to inflexible technology. No wonder successful electrical and other specialty contractors are upgrading or replacing outdated point solutions to improve end-to-end process alignment, manage risk, and deliver better performance by implementing an integrated solution. To thrive today, specialty contractors need to anticipate rather than react to rapid change, and support the optimal alignment of people, assets, systems, and information.

Become a Customer Centric Firm with Dynamics CRM for Contractors

Business success starts with empowering your organization with the right Customer Relationship Management solution to manage complex relationships, communications, and business opportunities. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for contractors firms can successfully manage relationships from first contact through to contract and project implementation. They can gain intelligence to improve client relations, increase win rates, and achieve new levels of customer service and profitability.

Once the business has been earned, the focus turns to projects that need to live within an integrated specialty contractor’s CRM and accounting software platform-to meet planning, timelines, budgets, job costing, and accounting requirements. How well you manage your clients, resources, projects, and information directly affects your bottom-line and probability for success.

Connect your Organization in Real-Time with Dynamics AX ERP for Contractors

With Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for contractors, you’re able to effectively manage projects and resources; onboard and develop talent; procure, produce and manage items; track productivity and profitability; job cost and accurately bill; and have real-time management of financial performance. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a project-based ERP solution that supports specialty contracting-specific and operational business processes, along with comprehensive, core enterprise resource planning (ERP) for financial, operational, and human resources management. Dynamics AX empowers your people to anticipate and embrace change so your business can thrive.

Sopris Field Service for Dynamics AX, Optimize Your Customer Service

Execution and delivery of your services also relies heavily on the successful execution of field personal. Communications and real-time access for the entire project team is a critical success factor for projects. As a result Sopris Field Service for Dynamics AX extends the accessibility of Dynamics to crews and field technicians. Built within Dynamics AX to ensure a cohesive user experience and leverages the powerful ERP foundation Dynamics AX provides, Sopris Field Service extends the service management functionality of Dynamics AX for mobile field personnel. Service orders are scheduled and automatically dispatched to a technician’s app on their mobile device. On-site technicians can update, create, or modify service orders, and access service object records on their device. Technicians can electronically capture a customer’s signature on a service order, thereby eliminating the need for paper-based processes and redundant data entry. Native Windows, Android, and IOS apps provide rapid adoption on the device of the user’s choice, with the option to work offline in remote areas.

To help specialty contractors thrive Sopris Field Service along with Dynamics AX ERP and CRM provides a unified business solution that integrates your front office, field, and back office operations to deliver better client services and optimal financial performance. At its core, the Microsoft Dynamics platform, along with Sopris Field Service, is a Project-based business management solution that enables business process flexibility, supports organizational change, and fosters rapid adaptation to evolving operational and market needs from anywhere at any time.