Media and Entertainment

Major changes in the media and entertainment industry including new ways to deliver and monetize ads and rapidly expanding marketing channels have created a volatile and challenging situation for firms in the industry. Many firms have seen significant structural changes through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions and new start-ups pop daily. Digital marketing methods, which used to be a niche practice for most firms, have become the norm, resulting in the need for new skill sets and new service delivery models.

Operationally, contract and project management is a key process for these firms as most relationships are contract based. A great deal of workflow and process is needed to ensure quality and keep projects on schedule. Microsoft AX provides full project based management and accounting functionality that allows firms to create and manage project contracts for a wide array of contracting methods and project funding. Projects are managed against budget and schedule targets and resources can be allocated across project portfolios to ensure projects stay on track. In addition to contract management and other corporate operational challenges that most project based firms face, content creation and management is extremely significant.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM can offer media and entertainment firms a tool that can accommodate a wide array of digital assets and portfolio management solutions to deal with the complexity in managing large amounts of content. Microsoft Dynamics also delivers an efficient and easy to use distribution system that ensures security and protection for intellectual property.