Management and IT Consulting

Management and IT Consulting is a diverse industry with numerous niche practices. In recent years, while some consultancies have thrived, others have struggled. Whether serving corporate markets or public markets, flexibility and the ability to quickly mobilize around new issues, regulations, technologies and priorities is critical. Intense competition from global companies and offshore start-ups has increased the need for cutting edge IT tools to make firms more flexible, efficient and competitive.

Microsoft AX enables firms to provide highly client-responsive service that meets and exceeds expectations while driving profitable results and repeat business. Real-time access to role-specific information and tools help inform and deepen client relationships and improve utilization of global resources. Microsoft AX provides a single source solution that reflects a commitment to helping service professionals easily and securely access specific information and tools they need to perform their individual roles, all within an always up-to-date system that spans business operations and functions.

Sopris Systems builds on this strong foundation to offer mobility, collaboration and analytical tools that take management and IT consulting companies to the next level.

  • Custom reporting and analytics built on Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder
  • Mobility solutions ranging from field management tools to manage your resources and streamline operations involving remote employees
  • Collaboration tools to help connect project teams, partners, corporate employees and clients

Cloud technology has opened up new possibilities that allow instant connections between the office and field. Sopris Systems solutions allow you to use the cloud to tap into back-office information and reporting functionality from any location in a very secure way—wherever one can access the Internet. Consulting firms are uniquely positioned to benefit from the cloud’s ability to provide greater freedom and ease of access to information anytime, anywhere—from remote offices, job sites or customer locations across the globe.