Government Contract Management Software

Government Contractors not only face stringent oversight but must have systems in place to address Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), and Defense Contract Audits Agency (DCAA) regulatory requirements. If the proper enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are not in place for contractors, many firms routinely experience duplicate data entry, redundant business processes, and costly penalties for noncompliance-a contracting nightmare. In addition to meeting strict standards, Government Contractors need visibility into contract status, profitability and growth opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Government Contract Management provides an integrated system environment ensuring that you can complete projects on time, on budget, and according to specifications-while collecting and retaining the detailed information needed to meet deadlines and comply with government regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX accounting software for Government Contractors offers critical functionality including:

  • Indirect cost allocation
  • Labor processing
  • Subcontractor labor
  • Project structure, funding
  • Invoicing
  • Project budgeting and forecasting
  • Revenue recognition
  • Project and financial reporting

Sopris and Microsoft Dynamics AX can help your organization implement a tailored ERP software for government contract management within a unified operating environment that allows you to manage your businesses performance and regulatory compliance in one enterprise system.