Energy Services Management Software

Global market volatility, increased regulations, and rapid changes in the energy industries are forcing energy services companies to operate a more efficient and intelligent business model. Whether servicing the renewable energy, oil and gas-or utilities markets-companies today need intelligent systems in place to help them proactively manage costs and resources, identify trends, and deliver affordable energy to the market.

To help energy services organizations thrive in the modern world, Sopris Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM provide a project-based business management solution that supports energy services-specific and operational business processes, along with comprehensive, core enterprise resource planning (ERP) for project management, supply chain, asset management, field service, human resources, and financial management. Together they empower your people to anticipate and embrace change from anywhere on any device, so your business can thrive in today’s constantly changing environment.

Energy ERP software will never be the same.

Historically energy services organizations operate their business with a series of disparate systems and manual processes. The lack of integration creates workaround spreadsheets, ramped redundant date entry-and delivers information that is usually outdate or inaccurate. Add in the exponentially increasing volume of information from legacy domain-specific systems, smart assets, and big data, and it becomes difficult or even impossible to process this information quickly and efficiently to make decisions.

As a result, energy services companies are turning to forward-looking energy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to connect people to their work, bringing forward insights that enable better decisions and guiding processes that optimize outcomes. Integrated technology provides real-time insight and embraces adaptation to changing economic and market conditions. The goal is empowering a firm that can anticipate, rather than react to rapid change; and supports the optimal alignment of people, assets, systems, and data.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM for Energy, Connecting People, Assets, Systems, and Information

To meet this reality, Sopris Field Service, along with Dynamics AX ERP and CRM, deliver a unified Energy ERP and accounting software solution that integrates your front office, field, and back office operations to deliver better intelligence, client services, and optimal financial performance. Microsoft Dynamics and Sopris Field Service are uniquely positioned to help energy services firms transform into dynamic organizations that are market-responsive, collaborative, and able to realize the full potential of their organization.

Firms can deploy individual elements like CRM, Mobile Field Service, and Project Accounting for oil and gas to meet specific needs, or deploy a fully integrated Energy ERP solution. They can add and subtract functionality to meet tomorrow’s challenges. To ensure success, we focus on delivering innovative, proactive, modern business solutions that offer flexibility and interoperability.

Empowering People to Delivery Results

With Sopris Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and CRM for energy services such as utilities, renewable energies and the oil and gas industry, you’re able to effectively manage complex relationships and business opportunities; projects and resources; onboard and develop talent; procure, produce and manage items; track productivity and profitability; manage project accounting and accurate billing; and have real-time management of financial performance. Sopris and Microsoft Dynamics business solutions deliver on the promise of enabling people to do their best work whether in the office or on the job site-in project delivery, leadership, functional, or administrative roles.

Sopris Field Service for Dynamics AX, Integrating your Field Operation in Real-Time

Sopris Field Service for Dynamics AX extends the accessibility of Dynamics to crews and field technicians. Built within Dynamics AX to ensure a cohesive user experience and leverages the powerful energy ERP foundation Dynamics AX provides, Sopris Field Service extends the service management functionality of Dynamics AX for mobile field personnel. Service orders are scheduled and automatically dispatched to a technician’s app on their mobile device. On-site technicians can update, create, or modify service orders, and access service object records on their device. All within native Windows, Android, and IOS apps providing rapid adoption on the device of user choice, with the option to work offline in remote areas.